How we work with you.

We listen.

Nobody knows your business processes, challenges, and customers better than you do. So you talk; we listen. We haven’t discovered a better way to understand what you want and how we can help.

We look around.

Remember those “field trips” from our schooldays? They could really open your eyes. We go on a field trip through the communications and interactive services of other organizations in your industry. We talk with you about what works best and what doesn’t. And of course, we soak up all the market research, customer data, user surveys, competitive analysis, and marketing plans you have.

We think.

People often call this analysis, but for us it’s more a matter of synthesis. Putting together everything we’ve learned and discussed, we come up with a solution that meets your needs and a plan for building it. Then we present it to you in the appropriate form: layouts, storyboards, prototypes, and more.

We organize.

We form a project team of your people and our people, including a Nimbus account coordinator to keep the communication and the work flowing. To those same ends, we host a secure collaborative website where the team can share ideas and updates on work in progress.

We design and build.

Drawing on our broad capabilities in graphic and interface design, information architecture, and application development, we create a solution that meets your requirements and those of your customers and business partners. You review and comment on the work throughout this iterative process.

We test (and retest).

Built into every phase of development, our quality assurance practices—including test cases, usability assessment, and system testing—ensure the focus, usability, and reliability of your solution. Rigorous QA also ensures that your solution is finished on time and on budget.

We deliver.

Launching your solution into the world is the last but far from the least step in the process. It may include integration with other resources you have. It may include training and supporting you through launch and beyond. In any case, we redouble our efforts at this stage—because a successful rollout crowns a successful project.