Nimbus Civica

Years Providing Web Solutions

Nimbus takes years of providing web solutions to the corporate sector and applies this invaluable knowledge to the government sector.

Websites are a customer’s first line of inquiry. So it’s critical that the site capture a visitor’s attention from the first impression of the home page design, to the selection of key navigation tabs, to the methods of offering what’s available throughout the site with the hover of a mouse or a drop-down menu, and, of course, to the ease and logic of use.

With 20 years experience of providing this and more for our retail, professional and corporate clients, Nimbus Design is now working with governmental agencies, as well; agencies with a different kind of customer – constituents, citizenry, voters – but the same website administrative tools and design needs. The results have been outstanding. Governmental agencies report an exponential increase in constituent service satisfaction, which allows them to reallocate staff to other activities (given the drop in walk-in and phone service needs), as well a significant task cost savings in many cases.


How We Do It

We Meet. We Listen. We Observe.

We follow the same process we use with all of our clients by putting ourselves on the other side of the computer screen, as a constituent, a voter, a citizen. From that vantage point, we analyze how WE would like to be served by the site, making it a win-win product for the governmental agency and their target audience.

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Assessment Rolls Tracker (ART)

The San Mateo County Assessor’s role is to provide reliable, up-to-date fiscal data – a critical responsibility given elected officials and fiscal officers throughout the County rely on that data to accurately project their respective agency’s income, monitor cash flow and make sound budget and policy decisions…



Wanting a richer, more dynamic presentation of voting tallies in order to engage the public in election results and to use that same application as an administrative tool to implement the mandate of The Elections Office of San Mateo, California, County Clerk to conduct…