Case Studies

Symyx Website

Merging Companies, Products, and Data to
Create a New Online Presence


In acquiring another company (Nimbus client MDL Elsevier), scientific information management and research firm Symyx also acquired more than 1000 products and a huge database of product information. Expanding not only its business but also its business model, the company needed to reinvent its online presence in order to drive sales and grow its brand.


Merging product lines—and marketing, selling, and supporting them online—meant migrating and scrubbing lots of data. Hundreds of product descriptions had to be imported and combined with images in a consistent and attractive online catalog. Tens of 1000s of pages of sales and support documents had to be integrated in a new customer-centric knowledge base. And the whole catalog had to be integrated with ecommerce tools and applications.


While Nimbus designers created a sleek, contemporary look for, Nimbus engineers devised a robust information architecture to support the company’s extensive new online operations. They revamped its Oracle database, and migrated CRM resources from Siebel to They implemented secure, personalized ecommerce, including software product downloads, via VeriSign, IntraWare, and PayPal integrations. By integrating InterWoven’s TeamSite CMS, Nimbus enabled Symyx staff to manage the site.


Nimbus staff worked with dozens of product managers and other Symyx staff on this complex project. All were pleased and proud at the rollout of the new website, and customers have followed suit: the number of users who have signed on to download free products is in six figures. Meanwhile, Nimbus and Symyx maintain a professional services relationship, which supports regular email promotions and evaluation trials in addition to site maintenance.