Case Studies



The San Mateo County Elections Office is responsible for informing the County’s more than 350,000 registered voters about the candidates, ballot initiatives and polling places for each primary and general election. The Elections Office is also responsible for providing registered voters with a sample ballot – a ballot that mirrors what the voter will use on election day.


Mailing sample ballots and voter information pamphlets to every registered voter in San Mateo County is expensive! With the passage of AB 1717, the County Elections Office could invite registered voters to opt out of the mailed versions and instead elect to access the information via email or online. The challenge was to create an invitation that moved the voter to “Go Green!” and sign up for the paperless alternative.


Nimbus created a mailer with an eye-catching image and messaging that focused on convenience, flexibility, tax dollar savings and helping the environment.


1,500 San Mateo County registered voters agreed to go paperless in less than one month! The Elections Office estimates this figure will grow 10 times before the next election, which will save taxpayers approximately $75,000 for two-election cycles in a year. Not only that, it’s anticipated that voter participation in the AB 1717 paperless alternative will increase voter turnout, improve voter understanding of what is on the ballot, minimize the County’s carbon footprint, and demonstrate the Office’s responsiveness to its electorate by making the process easier.

Let Nimbus do the same for your County Elections Office!